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RF (microwave) Engineer

Job Requirements

A.    Electronicengineering, radio communications and other electro magnetic or electronic communicationwith bachelor degree or above, more than 2 years relevant work experience;

B.    Maste basic principles and design methods of microwave radio transceiver moduleand systems;

C.     Familiarwith the microwave RF circuit design process, skilled use of Protel, ADS, HFSS and other design tools;

D.    With designand development experiencefor frequency source, receiver, up / down conversion components, active / passive components and other related products;

E.     Identify with the company culture and development philosophy; strong sense of responsibility, good communication skills and teamwork spirit

F.     Military industry work experience is preferred.


A.    Responsible for design and test of microwaveRF module and system channels;

B.    Responsiblefor coordination with the hardware and software engineers to complete alignmentand testing of the whole system.

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