The Four-mode Communication and Navigation Module
The Four-mode Communication and Navigation Module

Product Features

Ø  support four communication work modes of RDSS, beidouRNSS-B1/GPS-L1and GSM/GPRS;

Ø  Beidou RDSS short message communication and bidirectionalpositioning function;

Ø  BeidouRNSS-B1 / GPS-L1 co-locating timing function;

Ø  Two communication functions: adaptive GPRS and beidoufirstgeneration of short message;

Ø  Positioning mode with configurable features;

Ø  Transmission function for GPRS wireless network data;

Ø  Reporting function for command and control aircraft;

Ø  Function of automatically calculate success rate for communication and location;

Ø  Automatic data are stored according to the different users of machine;

Environmental Conditions

Ø  Working temperature: -40oC+70oC

Ø  Storage Temperature: -50oC+85oC

Ø  Relative Humidity: 95% (+45oC)

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