Portable Telemetry Integrated Receiver
Portable Telemetry Integrated Receiver

Product Features

Ø  Receiving system: PCM-FM / MSD + TPC, PCM-BPSK / QPSK, PCM-CDMA-BPSK/ QPSK;

Ø  Receiving information rate: 1Kbps ~ 10Mbps;

Ø  Receive two or one (left or right) signalsimultaneously, having aset of left and right spin polarization diversity and synthesis function;

Ø  Time code function, can receive and forward IRIG-B time code signal;

Ø  Functions of PCM simulator, can output PCM signal to complete systemself-check;

Ø  Received signal SNR test, noise ratio interface display function;

Ø  With digital baseband demodulation functions, canrestructdemodulation system software;

Ø  Function of synchronization,frame synchronization, frame synchronization status indication deputy.

Ø  Function of working status display and parameter setting

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